Some finer detail that will help along the way!

What does 'coverage' mean and include?

Coverage refers to the time allocated to photographing your event; the time that I will be committed to capturing the magic and memorable moments within. In selecting a coverage period, please consider how your event will be staged or how it will flow. Consider also my method and approach to event photography generally, which is very much based around a photo-journalistic style. That is, I will look to capture the day as it unfolds from moment to moment in very much a natural and unscripted manner. It's my experience that images captured with this approach resonate more favourably; they evoke emotion that makes the heart sing more readily than those staged or more choreographed.

So what has this all got to do with ‘coverage’, you may well ask? I’ll respond with another question; please wholeheartedly ponder when the magic moments may occur during your day, what you’re not prepared to have missed (photographed) and select your coverage period accordingly.

Will I split my coverage period over two sessions?

Yes I will for coverage periods of 8 hours or beyond.

Can we extend our coverage on the day?

Yes you can, up to the next tier and beyond as desired. Hours of coverage beyond 12 will be charged at an hourly rate of $300-.

Will you hold a date in your schedule for us?

I wish I could but I simply can't do this until a booking fee has been paid and an Engagement Agreement has been accepted and signed by you. To do otherwise would be unfair to others who wish to commit and are ready to go.

When do we need to pay?

Your payment schedule will be as follows:

* Payment 1 - Booking fee of $500- upon confirmed reservation of your date.

* Payment 2 - 50% of your agreed coverage charge is payable 90 days prior to your wedding/event date.

* Payment 3 - The balance of your agreed coverage charge is payable immediately prior to the supply of your images, along with payment for any additional coverage hours incurred or other services provided as mutually agreed. I will detail any additional charges in a separate invoice as necessary.

With respect to wedding coverage, please also note that your final payment is therefore made prior to selection of images for your Momento album.

To help make the payment process as seamless as possible, I will send out payment reminders by email as they fall due. I know and understand that you will have a lot to think about at this time!