portraits & headshots

The face you present to the world is yours for the making; let's have it be unforgettable.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, likes to look good in a photo but if you're anything like me, you typically find fault in 99 out of 100 of photographs of yourself. We rarely see ourselves how we would like; the fear of three chins or other less flattering angles often has us recoil when someone points a camera our way. But a head-shot is more than just a photo, it's the 'shingle' you put out each and every day; it's your moment to shine, to present yourself exactly how you wish to be seen by others and sets the scene for them to engage.

You're far more worthy than a iPhone selfie or an image cropped from a photo with your ex! A professional headshot tells the world that you are willing to invest in yourself and helps portray you as a confident, yet approachable individual who takes pride in themselves. One who is striving to be and do their very best.

It's my job to make it happen. I want you to see yourself as you have never have before and to have fun in the process. Let's make your headshot a source of pride and positively unforgettable to those who see it.

  • Elsie Austin04681 - Ready
  • Claire Ferri04383-ITP-1
  • _DSC7634
  • Kathryn Thomas04042 - READY
  • iWest04753
  • Brian Healey 04211-2
  • Dion & Penny03448 - Ready
  • Elsie Austin04584 - Ready
  • Untitled Session00068_1 - Ready
  • Brian Healey 04136 - Ready-2
  • Steve Richardson (2)05450 - Ready
  • Benji Austin06124-Edit
  • Kendy Morgan 06368 - Ready
  • Tenille Dunn05945 - Ready
  • Benji Austin06132 - Ready
  • Ali de Winter01104
  • George & Caroline02212 - Ready
  • _DSC9725
  • Caroline Cumberbatch 01668 - Ready
  • Lorkin Delpero Harris03201 - Ready
  • _DSC9382
  • Steve Richardson (2)05309-Ready
  • 750_6433
  • Andrew Maclean 100385 - READY-2
  • Dion & Penny03560
  • Kathryn Thomas04042 - READY
  • George & Caroline02361-Ready
  • iWest04995 - Ready
  • _DSC9084-2
  • Jonathon Coleman00912-Ready
  • Kathryn Thomas03963
  • _DSC9659
  • iWest05091 - Ready
  • Marnie-8060
  • Lorkin Delpero Harris03201
  • Elsie Austin04619 - Ready
  • _DSC8693
  • _DSC8952
  • Jonathon Coleman00890
  • Ali de Winter01027
  • Caroline Cumberbatch 01695
  • Lorkin Delpero Harris03232
  • `Steve Richardson01997
  • Jonathon
  • _DSC0206-Edit
  • _DSC0170-Edit

Personal Branding; Social Media; Business & Professional Services; we all need to make ourselves unforgettable and feel great about it.