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I'll shoot your wedding, but I don't see myself as a wedding photographer. I'll photograph your birthday celebration, but I'm not a birthday party photographer. I can photograph your corporate event, but I'm not a corporate event photographer. I enjoy capturing moments involving people no matter what, where or when in a relaxed and mostly informal manner.

If you afford me the privilege of working for you, I don't want to turn it into something choreographed within an inch of its life; I want us both to have more fun than that. I will set about capturing the essence of your do without getting in the way, forced smiles and clich├ęd formal shots. I will do everything I can to provide you with images that resonate and serve their intended purpose. Respectfully; unobtrusively and with a photo-journalistic approach.

And yes, if you desperately want a certain group shot or the like, I'll obviously accommodate. But neither you or I want to endure hours of being herded into position and asked to smile on cue. We both have far better things to do; you wringing the life out of your special occasion or event and me documenting it through photographs.

In respect to weddings in particular; that day of days, I'll be there to help in any way I can regardless. Whilst my focus will be on photographing your day for perpetuity, I'll do all I can to ensure the occasion is as memorable as possible. With that in mind, I don't want to be your average wedding photographer. I set out to bring a unique and artistically valid relationship in service of you both 'on and off the court'.

In happiness and in sadness; laughing like there's no tomorrow and crying with emotion, weddings bring us alive. I choose to photograph weddings for this very reason. Laughter, happiness, sadness, a roller-coaster of emotions on a day like no other. Oh; and yes, breaking bread with your mates and drinking fine wine. Dancing like no-one is watching. People being real; being human. When there's love in the room, crazy things happen! I choose LOVE!