The long and the short of it!

No two photo shoots are the same, or put another way, no two weddings or portrait sessions are equal. They are all unique and need to serve your purposes perfectly. There's lots to consider and I will work closely with you to work through the finer detail as part of my engagement. My goal is to achieve the best possible outcome in respect to the quality of your photographs, their artistic merit and your comfort with the process throughout.

The information provided below broadly sets out detail that will assist you in your decision making.

You will probably have heard about me through family or a friend, or been referred by a previous client. If so, I understand that at least in part, you're relying on their recommendation of me. It goes without saying that I don't intend to let them down; or you, or me! In a similar vein, I'm reminded; 'price is what you pay; quality is what you get'.

So please, if there's anything else you need or need to know, do not hesitate to get in touch. Please also have a look at my 'other info & faq' page that contains some useful information.


Cinematic Headshot Session (unique artistic background)



Mix it up...

$740 + Extras If Applicable


Break away from the pack with this unique & individualistic style that will present you in a manner that generates a clear point of difference and sets you apart.

High-End Headshot Session (the full shooting match)

Elsie Austin04619 - Ready


High Achiever...

$740* + Extras If Applicable

Caroline Cumberbatch 01695

Take your session to the next level with multiple looks that bring together your personal brand and sets the standard for others to follow. Cover off all your marketing collateral, social media & professional requirements in one go.

Standard Headshot Session (more purpose & intent)

Brian Healey 04136 - Ready-2



$590* + Extras If Applicable

Steve Richardson (2)05450 - Ready

Ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in capturing the best possible you. More time, greater value and ultimately, a better result. Get your LinkedIn & business website up to speed.

Express Headshot Session
(your run and gun session

iWest05091 - Ready


Can't spare an hour?

$440* + Extras If Applicable

Aimee Glover05678-ITP-1

A quick & cost effective opportunity to get a super headshot without fuss. Get in, get it done & get back to your day. Ideal for social media.

Inclusions (all prices include GST)...

  • Pre-Shoot Purpose Consultation
  • Pre-Shoot Preparation Guide
  • Advanced Coaching & Direction
  • Immediate review of images during shoot
  • Contact sheets for ease of review of images 'post shoot'
  • Supply of all approved images within one week (all approved images are included; you receive the lot!)
  • Pro edit of images as required (see Extras below)
  • No session shot limit

Extras as applicable (inc. GST)...

  • Pro Image Edit + $30 per image(s)
  • Urgent Image Collection Delivery + $275 (within 3 days)
  • Professional Make-Up + $165 (recommended for woman)
  • Travel Fee (beyond greater Hobart) + $110 Per Hour
  • Additional Shooting Time + $330 Per Hour
  • On Location Fee + $330 (applies to any out of studio shoot except 'Cinematic' sessions).

*Pro-Edit Images

  • Express Session inc. 1 Pro Image Edit
  • Standard Session inc. 2 Pro Image Edits
  • High-End Session inc. 3 Pro Image Edits
  • Cinematic Session inc. 2 Pro Image Edits

Additional Pro Image Edits available at cost (see Extras), but regardless you receive every approved image with a standard edit that will suit 99% of applications. Pro image edits are particular useful for branding, marketing or advertising purposes where image processing above the norm can be beneficial.

My style is very much 'less is more' or put another way, 'the less Photoshop work' the better. The goal here is to present you as naturally as possible (outside of the obvious pimple or stray hair). But please do not hesitate to let me know if you have specific requirements that need attending.

  • Liz_Walker_07991 - Ready-2
  • Bury Kirlkland Ferri 07335
  • Elsie Austin04681 - Ready
  • Claire Ferri04383-ITP-1
  • _DSC7634
  • Kathryn Thomas04042 - READY
  • iWest04753
  • Brian Healey 04211-2
  • Dion & Penny03448 - Ready
  • Kendy Morgan 06509 - Ready
  • Elsie Austin04584 - Ready
  • Legal Aid Tasmania (2)07176
  • Untitled Session00068_1 - Ready
  • Legal Aid Tasmania (2)07128
  • Brian Healey 04136 - Ready-2
  • Steve Richardson (2)05450 - Ready
  • Benji Austin06124-Edit
  • Kendy Morgan 06368 - Ready
  • Tenille Dunn05945 - Ready
  • Benji Austin06132 - Ready
  • Ali de Winter01104
  • George & Caroline02212 - Ready
  • _DSC9725
  • Caroline Cumberbatch 01668 - Ready
  • Lorkin Delpero Harris03201 - Ready
  • _DSC9382
  • Steve Richardson (2)05309-Ready
  • 750_6433
  • Andrew Maclean 100385 - READY-2
  • Dion & Penny03560
  • Kathryn Thomas04042 - READY
  • George & Caroline02361-Ready
  • iWest04995 - Ready
  • _DSC9084-2
  • Jonathon Coleman00912-Ready
  • Kathryn Thomas03963
  • _DSC9659
  • iWest05091 - Ready
  • Marnie-8060
  • Lorkin Delpero Harris03201
  • Elsie Austin04619 - Ready
  • _DSC8693
  • _DSC8952
  • Jonathon Coleman00890
  • Ali de Winter01027
  • Caroline Cumberbatch 01695
  • Lorkin Delpero Harris03232
  • `Steve Richardson01997
  • Jonathon
  • _DSC0206-Edit
  • _DSC0170-Edit